Table of Contents
  • Add new room type #

    • Go to the front of the site: Go to and enter your employee name and password.
    • Go to “Settings” ->> “Room Types”. On the top left, click on the New button.
    • Enter the following data to create a new type of room:
    • Name – the name of the room type will be used as the main information parameter when booking. We recommend the template: 2-bed 2-bedroom standard.
    • Description – a text description to represent this type of room.
    • Image – internal image for employees only.
    • Max. occupancy. – the maximum capacity of the number of people in a given room type. Calculation formula: number of main beds + number of extra beds + number of places to accommodate children without a bed (on the same bed with a parent). For example: 2 main beds + 3 extra beds + 5 childless beds (as each of the main and extra beds can accommodate an infant with a parent). If any of the seats does not allow for an infant and a parent to be accommodated together, you must subtract that seat from the seats for children without a seat.
    • Rooms – the number of rooms in a given room type, used only for information purposes for customers.
    • Basic beds – the number of basic beds in this type of rooms. This is the main parameter to calculate the cost of accommodation, be careful!
    • Extra beds – the number of extra beds in this type of rooms. This is the main parameter to calculate the cost of accommodation, be careful!
    • No Seats – the total number of places for children without seats. This refers to the number of main and additional seats together that can accommodate an adult and a child at the same time.
    • Guest Types – You must enter the maximum capacity of this room type for each guest type below.
    • Example guest types:
    • Adult, Child. 6-12 year olds, Child. 2-6 years old, Child. 2-6 years old without a seat – the maximum number of guests of each type that can be accommodated in this room type is indicated.
    • For example: if a room has 2 main and 3 additional seats, then a maximum of 5 adults, up to 4 children with a seat and up to 5 children without a seat can be accommodated. Accordingly enter: Adult = 5, Children. 6-12 years old = 4 (as one adult is necessary, and the maximum number of seats 5), Reb. 2-6 years old = 4, Child. 2-6 years without seat = 5.